The Fall of Paradigms

by Helminthium

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"Peace is an ideal, war is a fact; and history
has never paid heed to human desires and ideals"
Oswald Spengler


released June 6, 2017

Helminthium are:

Andreas M. - Vocals
Christos Ioannou - Guitars / Backup Vocals (We, the Fearless) / Programming
George Eracleous - Backup Vocals (We, the Fearless) / Mixing / Mastering

Guitars and Vocals recorded at Helsophice Studios 2009-2012
Mixed, Mastered and Sequenced at Oneirism Studios 2017

All music written by Christos Ioannou
All lyrics written by Andreas M.

Artwork and Layout by George Eracleous and Andreas M.



all rights reserved


Helminthium Cyprus

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Track Name: Nullify

decimate the bonds of nature
isolate and procreate

this is the era of self-exaltation
this is the age of the Kali-Yuga

day by day you corrode
thy flesh, thy abode
hear the anguished cries
of your soul as it dies

subjugation, isolation
fall in line and don't resist

nullify your mind
to blind conformity
there is nothing left to give

the machine has you now
there's nowhere to hide
the remains of (your) consciousness
are become but (hollow) echoes
the Earth has lost her son
a bond undone
the integration is complete
march on, march on!
Track Name: We, the Fearless
We, the fearless

behold my world
this is the promised land
one by one they fall
soul by soul into my jaws

tentacles of control

thy will be done

millions die in my name
my drones swarm the land
ossified schemata
rational cold precision

Father lead us to the blessed sight
Alleluja, praise the lord
Father, save us from the inner void
Alleluja, praise the lord

my name/is fear
come hither/obey
Track Name: Genosuicide

Absolve. Release. Destruct.
Bellum omnium contra omnes.

Ancient neural circuits
our reptilian past
humanity, a brittle crust
cognitive terminal override

"'And from [ancient times] until now
the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence,
and the violent take it by force.'

As mankind overtakes its evolutionary
course, the seeds of destruction take
root within its noosphere. Blind rationalism
and rampant religious lunacy render Utopia
an ethereal delusion leaving the last line of our species
wondering: was it all a blunder?"

viral patterns of spreading
endless urban decadence
mighty babylon has collapsed
not by God but the hand of man
there is no reason asking why
a failed mutation gone awry
see our nature at its core
for there is no king but war
Track Name: Helminthium

Stay in your cage, embrace your freedom in four walls
the chains you try and break are the ones the keep you close

who am I (but thou) /diabolos conocidos

your blood
(is my own)

the more you take
the more I grow
(eternal fever)

the more your faith
the less you're free
(ancient betrayer)

fear me,
hate me
(but dont you dare love me)

let your mind become my crypt
(ever-bleeding wound)

let your thoughts become my own
(malignant seed)

let me blind you with my lies
(wolf in sheep's skin)

I am the snake (with) a thousand tongues
my hunger sees no bounds
trust not your eyes but my voice
there's nothing more than me
(more than me)

I know thee beast, I always have
I've always been/I always will

feed me with your hatred
all are enemies but me

somebody save me from myself
there are no enemies but you